Welcome to VAXOTM Systems!

One of the leading, fastest-growing companies to provide complete electric drivetrain systems for the manufacture or conversion of automobiles, light trucks and marine vehicles, VAXO uses only advanced, proven components to develop and produce your custom electric drivetrain system. But while customization is standard, so is a clear, quick path for production ramp-up – it's easy and cost-effective to go green with VAXO.

In addition to providing a drivetrain system optimized to your custom requirements, VAXO has the engineering experience to design your vehicle's complete power system and recommend the best components for total system performance at the lowest cost.

Remy InternationalThe core of VAXO drivetrain systems is the Remy International hybrid motor. This motor technology coupled with the latest inverter technology positions VAXO to consistently access and influence drivetrain advancements. And when it comes to reliability, patented Remy motor technology, powering over 20,000 hybrid vehicles on the road today, ensures you can depend on VAXO drivetrain solutions.

Take a spin through our web site to learn more about the reliability, optimized performance and quick conversion ramp-up you can have with VAXO hybrid drivetrains – see what The VAXO Difference can do for you!