V = A x O

That's an expression of Ohmís law – and the source of our name. VAXOTM Systems was named based on the equation: Volts = Amps X Ohms. Dating back to 1827, Ohm's law was probably the most important equation relating to the early quantitative descriptions of the physics of electricity. It launched an understanding of electricity that remains fundamental to the use of electricity, including sophisticated applications that allow vehicles to augment or shift from gas engines and to tap electricity for onboard vehicle power and torque.

Nearly 200 years later, VAXO is dedicated to helping businesses large and small, new and old, advance the use of electric power in transportation for a cleaner environment through proven, production-ready hybrid drivetrains incorporating advanced technology. And as we grow, we're executing another time-tested formula:

success = the right time + the right components + the right people