See this box? Fill it with your specifications and that's "our" product offering.

When you're ready to build a green vehicle or green-up what you or your clients drive, VAXOTM Systems can customize a drivetrain specifically for you. VAXO drivetrains are the advanced and economic option for series hybrid and straight electric original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and conversions. We leverage proven technology and components to create a seamless system optimized to your custom requirements.

Using proprietary software, each component is fine-tuned to your exact specifications. Then we simulate your vehicle's drivetrain to ensure exceptional performance. Built around a road-proven Remy motor, VAXO drivetrain systems deliver what you need and speed your path to launch or conversion.

The motor

Remy motors have been in high-volume production since 2003 in a Six Sigma production facility. The Remy motor provides the highest efficiency and power density and has been proven durable up to 750,000 miles with over 40,000 hybrid motors in on- and off-road vehicles today. VAXO has full access to the technology embodied in these motors, including...

Stator design

  • High voltage hairpin
  • Conventional wound magnet wire
  • Concentrated winding
  • Continuous S-shaped conductor

Rotor design

  • Internal permanent magnet
  • AC induction

Our understanding of the entire Remy motor allows VAXO to optimize the integration of the system to get top performance and efficiency out of the motor and its integrated drivetrain.

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The motor-inverter match is the most important and difficult part of maximizing system efficiency. As a critical component in the VAXO Systems drivetrain, our inverters offer multiple benefits, including...

  • "Tuning" of off-the-shelf inverters to run the motor as efficiently as possible over the entire operating range
  • Matching (by VAXO) of the inverter to the needs of the application for production after initial prototyping and/or ramping up for production by an OEM

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Housing and gearbox

Within the VAXO Systems drivetrain, the motor housing design is integrated with the gearbox. Together with the hairpin stator technology, the oil cooling incorporated in the housing design helps the motor stay cool longer under high-performance conditions

The gearbox is specially selected and integrated to maximize motor performance as part of the VAXO Systems drivetrain. The ability to provide various gear ratios allows the VAXO design to maximize the use of the available motor torque and power to meet the performance requirements for the vehicle.

As customer requirements grow from prototyping to production volumes, VAXO provides a progression path to maximize product life and efficiency while minimizing cost.

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The controls for the VAXO Systems drivetrain boast technology that's both mature and advanced. Flexibility in implementation and CANBus communication enable them to be easily integrated into your vehicle's controls. VAXO can provide the basic controls of the drivetrain using interfaces such as the gear selector, throttle control and display or can provide full integration into your vehicle.

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Drivetrain Components

Whether you have the specs all ready to "fill in the box" or could use some help defining your component requirements, VAXO is ready to accelerate your manufacturing or conversion process. Contact VAXO today to learn more.