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The VAXOTM difference

When you're ready to manufacture or convert your vehicles, VAXO Systems offers you several unique advantages:

EASY - Doing a conversion or building a prototype? VAXO has pre-configured components and drivetrain system kits available for easy installation, shortening conversion times to weeks instead of months. VAXO expertise and production-ready components also enable you to ramp up to high-volume production levels quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.
QUALITY - All of the components used in standard VAXO drivetrain systems are advanced, high-quality, road-proven building blocks. No false starts or fly-by-night technology here!
OPTIMIZED - Using proprietary modeling software, leading-edge engineering and your performance requirements, VAXO matches the drivetrain components to optimize the entire drivetrain system for you. The performance of a plug-in EV will be modeled along with a range extender, if included.

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