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HVH250-090PO-PM-G1 Remy Electric Motor

Model number HVH250-090PO-PM-G1
Generation 1 Housing
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HVH250-090PO-PM-G1 Specifications:



Parallel Wound

Oil Cooled

Permanent Magnet

Generation 1 Housing

Rated Voltage – 320 VDC Bus

Peak Power – 150 kW

Continuous Power – 90 kW

Peak Torque – 320 NM

Continuous Torque – 165 NM

Base Speed – 4600 RPM

Maximum Current – 600 Arms

Weight – 50 kg


With the HVH250, Remy combines award-winning, patented hairpin stator technology with a smaller footprint and lighter weight to introduce a customizable motor assembly platform that boasts the highest efficiency and power density available.  Suited for traction motor, generator, or motor/generator applications.


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