Your budget and custom requirements are the clay model for our drivetrain system design.

With VAXOTM Systems advanced modeling software, we can help take you to production or conversion completion by providing the best possible integrated power system, custom-tuned to deliver efficient, high performance.

Our fast, effective, comprehensive programs help define the configuration of components needed to meet the basic performance requirements of the vehicle. Used in both the system modeling and operation simulation stages, the software uses parameters from the battery, inverter, motor, gearbox, differential and vehicle to model and optimize performance, speed and range.

With this proprietary software and our engineering expertise, VAXO delivers custom results built completely around your needs for a complete series hybrid or straight electric power system integrated with the VAXO drivetrain.

System modeling – There's no guesswork with VAXO proprietary software. We use your requirements to predict vehicle performance while optimizing operating variables such as gas mileage, range, maximum speed and acceleration as well as overall system cost. This modeling can help prioritize your requirements so any necessary tradeoffs can be made early in the process.

System design – With performance targets identified, we'll work with your designers and engineers (or directly) to develop the right architecture to optimize delivery of your performance targets. VAXO is experienced with both series hybrid and straight electric technology, allowing us to deliver the best gear ratios, proper motor mounting, and battery and system configuration, regardless of your direction.

Component selection and integration – In addition to the VAXO power drivetrain, VAXO can recommend the perfect complement of components for seamless operation, such as matching battery size, range extender or accessory components.

Operation simulation and optimization – To ensure drivetrain performance that meets your requirements, VAXO engineers simulate your engine in a variety of duty cycles, with particular attention to the inverter. Tuning the inverter to the motor within a customer's requirements is a blend of art and technology, resulting in an optimal drivetrain system.

Let us take you from clay to complete faster than a test car on a salt flat. Contact VAXO today to learn more.